Information for Patients

Preparing for your Test

The following information has been provided to assist you in preparing for your tests:


Mid Stream Urine Collection

24hr Urine – Plain

24hr Urine – Acid


Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)


Fasting for a Blood Test

Non Rebatable Tests

The following applies to patients if their request form has come from their GP or Specialist outside the Hospital;

As an approved pathology laboratory (APL) which does not charge a Gap fee, Pathology South bills according to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and Medicare will cover all of the cost of a test listed on the schedule.

However, certain pathology tests are NOT eligible for a Medicare benefit – these are known as non-rebatable tests.  Therefore the full cost of this testing must be covered by the patient and you will receive an invoice. Depending on your situation, your private health insurance fund, travel insurance fund, DVA, MAIB or Workers’ Compensation may refund the cost of this test.

It is important to note that Pathology South may need to refer your non-rebatable test/s to another laboratory, because the test is only performed by more specialised laboratories.  If this is the case, you will receive an invoice from the laboratory that performed the test.

Pathology South has set competitive prices for these non-rebatable tests, and our staff will always try to provide an accurate indication of the cost of testing, where possible.

Non-Rebatable Test Price List