Information for Clinicians


Results Access

As soon as tests are completed, the results will be forwarded to you via your preferred method.  Pathology staff will phone through all critically abnormal results to an authorised individual at the location of the patient.

Electronic Results

Pathology South provides a secure electronic result service to the private health sector on request, including surgeries, health centres and consulting rooms. Results are sent when the medical practitioner is either the original pathology test requestor, or an additional copy to them has been specifically requested.

Once received, the results are directly viewable in most popular desktop patient management systems (eg. Medical Director). We use secure electronic mailboxes hosted by HealthLink, a third party vendor with a large share of the New Zealand and Australian electronic health communication markets.

The HealthLink software installed at the surgery then retrieves and decrypts these with the aid of a dedicated 128-bit security key.

For connection to this service, please contact the Pathology South collection centre on 6166 0150. All associated costs are borne by Pathology South.

Web based results

Results are available to Hobart Private Hospital users via our web based Pathology Results Lookup System (CIS).

Some test results are not available on the CIS system: these include HIV and some genetic tests. Printed reports will still be available to the requesting doctor for these results.

Telephone results

If urgent, results can be phoned, to a telephone or pager number indicated on the request form.  Results may also be obtained by ringing 6166 0151.  Callers must clearly identify themselves by name and position.  Results will not be issued to Patients.

Facsimile results

Clinicians may request that all reports be faxed on completion as a routine service, or by indicating the requirement for a faxed copy on an individual patient’s request form. HIV and some genetics results will not be faxed and are only available to doctors listed on the request form.