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Blood transfusion has therapeutic benefits, but like all medical interventions it also has risks. The decision to transfuse should only be made where the benefits are expected to outweigh the risks.

It is also important that red cells are not transfused on the basis of laboratory tests (such as a haemoglobin level) alone. This decision must also be supported by the need to relieve clinical signs and symptoms of impaired oxygen delivery.

Other treatments which may achieve the desired outcome must also be considered before the decision is made to transfuse the patient.

Errors in pre-transfusion specimen collection can be fatal because they can initiate a chain of events leading to transfusion of the wrong blood. Following correct procedures for patient identification, specimen collection and labelling reduce the likelihood of error and preventable patient harm.

Below you will find up to date transfusion information to be used as a guideline in ‘transfusion decision making’ and ensure safe ‘transfusion sampling’.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the RHH Transfusion Laboratory on 03 6166 8411 or the Transfusion Nurse Consultant on (03) 6166 8549.

Pre Transfusion Samples

Specimens for blood grouping

  • MUST be hand labelled

and signed by the person who

  • collects the specimen
  • witnesses the specimen collection (this can be the person from whom the blood is being drawn if they are a capable adult)

Samples with pre printed labels will not be processed.

Complete all fields of the dedicated Transfusion Request Form.

Patient Blood Management Guidelines

The Patient Blood Management Guidelines are a series of six modules that focus on evidence-based patient blood management.

The modules are intended to assist and guide clinical decisions and coordination of healthcare across the primary, secondary and tertiary care settings for patient-specific groups requiring blood or blood products as part of their treatment.

Blood Product Administration Guidelines

Southern Tasmania Area Health Service (STAHS) Transfusion Competency