Information for Clinicians

Urgent Samples & Extra Tests

Urgent Samples

When a result is needed for treatment of a patient within a minimal time period, the requesting medical practitioner must indicate clearly on the request form which tests are urgent, or telephone 6166 0150 .

Requests for Additional Tests

To request extra tests on a sample already dispatched to Pathology, please fax a request form for the additional tests to 6234 9815, or phone 6166 0150.

The following information will be required:

  • Patient name
  • Requesting Doctor
  • Date of specimen
  • Test(s) to be added

If there is sufficient suitable sample (see ‘Retention of Specimens’ below), the extra tests can be accommodated, otherwise a fresh specimen will be required.

NOTE: Testing for HIV on a previously received sample will require signed patient consent on the new form.

Retention of Specimens

Dissected biopsy specimens 4 weeks
Processed tissue from biopsies Indefinitely
Some non-routine endocrinology samples 14 days
Transfusion samples 2 months
Viral serology specimens 12 months